Welcome to my slice of the net!!

I’m a 20-something girl with a passion for language. I love literature and expression through words…

The study of any language is so fascinating. It is at the heart of who we are. Have you ever stopped to think where you would be without language? What if you had never been taught language as a child?

Language separates us from the animal kingdom. Sure, some animals ‘communicate’ with tweets (hey.. actually so do we) or grunts or meows or moos… but what is that compared with Greek, Chinese or Spanish???

What other species can talk like a human? Convey thoughts like a human? Develop relationships like a human? Answer questions like a human? Imagine and plan like a human?

Language is so key to human civilisation…to intelligence… to emotion… to art… to friendship… to LIFE!

Language defines and moulds us… not just as a species, but as individuals… whether we want to admit it or not. We think in language… we dream in it… we speak in it… we feel in it… its how we can understand and interpret the world around us.

Language communicates from the past to the present and on into the future… the words of those long gone live on… the expressions and phrases that we use everyday were coined by someone… somewhere… in some era…

Where did they come from?

To so many people its just words on a page… you see the letters, the punctuation, the characters… its ‘boring,’ its ‘bookish,’ its… ‘whateverrr.’

But its soooo much more than that! It’s not just a bunch of line strokes on a piece of A4… The truth is that language is not just words… language is also how we think & how we feel…

It’s real world… it’s happening every second of every moment of every day! It makes us laugh, cry, happy, worried, angry, frustrated, amazed…

You can mean what you say, or say what you don’t mean without saying it. (now that’s a brain bender!)

Yes, language has power!

Our world is so diverse culturally and linguistically – so this blog is for all of us… because through language we are all connected…

My name is Kim. I was born in Melbourne, Australia. English is my heart language. For about 13 years I have been learning Indonesian.

Welcome to my blog!

But this blog site isn’t all about my own experiences. I’d love to hear your personal language learning experiences and stories… feel free to comment & share positive thoughts!

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